My first blog

So, this is my first ever blog post! I will start by expressing my gratitude and enthusiasm that someone, other than myself, has taken the time to read this. I’d like to incorporate 3 things into this blog and I hope they’re beneficial to my readers. First, here’s a little background:

My blog title, God Don’t Make No Junk; It’s a quote I remember from a cross stitched sign on my wall when I was a little girl. The “work of art” was hand crafted by my mom. The full quote was, “I know I’m somebody ’cause God don’t make no junk!” I happen to think this is true cause momma told me it was and so did the bible!  “I will praise  thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made : marvellous  are thy works; and that my soul knoweth  right well.” (Psalm 39:14)

My dad owns and operates an auto paint and body shop and junk yard. That junk yard breathed life into our family and has helped us prosper. Junk, I think not! It provides low-cost alternatives to customers in lieu of purchasing new parts. It put food on our table every night and smiles on our faces because we never wanted for anything.

Junk, it may be what our government and our economy looks like at this very moment. I refuse to believe it. I think it’s quite possible, that we just have not looked beyond the wreckage to find the treasures.

Back to my three areas of focus for this blog:

Number 1: Self efficacy and exploring what you can do for yourself and your circumstances, with proper guidance, will help us do things that we may never have thought possible.

Number 2: Do things with your own Junk. Don’t go buy something new, just make your stuff better. If it’s broken, fix it! If it’s not broken, work on a way to make it better than before.

Number 3: Make the impossible happen! I want to explore ways to change things and our perspective on things that we seem to have no control over. The government, economic and social issues are not off-limits. I think even the most unchangeable junkie-junk issues out there can be corrected based on action and/or perception.

For the most part, I want to see my generation do good with what we have and realize we are not defined by circumstances. We can do for ourselves with proper guidance and we can leave this world in a better condition than when we began.


Hello world!

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Happy blogging!